Sustainable Economy


Green(e) Jobs

With fresh and innovative leadership, I will work tirelessly to make Alabama the nation’s top producers of solar energy. Failed leadership at the state level has caused Alabama to become stagnant and miss out on incentives that will increase the state’s general budget and produce hundreds of high-paying jobs in energy. I will work to expand high-paying jobs in science, tech, and clean energy such as wind and solar. District 19 needs to send someone to Montgomery to fight for high-paying green jobs. We have the potential to be a major hub in the U.S. for clean energy, and I am committed to bringing this vision into reality.


If we want to market ourselves as the ideal place for growth and development, we desperately need to build up our state and District 19. It is imperative that we are equipped to attract industries and new development to the district. Crumbling state roads and highways, questionable bridges, poor or no internet access, and the lack of access roads will continue to cause potential developments to go elsewhere. We must build our infrastructure to modern standards to protect public safety and ensure people can get from Point A to Point B. Future businesses will need to have access to high speed internet to function. I will work hard to increase broadband connectivity, expand and repair existing state roads, build new access roads, and have our road projects completed in a timely manner. Whether you're going to work, taking your kid to school, or trying to get to a hospital, everyone deserves safe public infrastructure to safely get to and from their destinations.