Sustainable Energy


Sustainable Environment

Alabama must have strong ethical leadership at the state level that has the prerequisites needed to effectively draft and introduce legislation that will protect our environment. Currently, Alabama is last in the fight to guarantee clean energy initiatives such as wind and solar energy. I will fight to ensure the transition of our economy into a sustainable and clean economy.

Environmental Justice for All

Without clean air, water, and soil everyone suffers. Pollution disproportionately affects low-income communities and people of color. Pollution affects our soil (how we harvest our foods), water supply (how we replenish our bodies), and air quality (how we breathe). We need leadership in the Alabama Legislature that is courageous and willing to ensure that all of us have clean air, clean water, and clean soil no matter their race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. I have a strong record of seeking environmental justice for communities that no longer have clean water, soil, or air. I will work to introduce legislation that will protect historically disenfranchised communities and advocate for resources to those neighborhoods that offers sustainable economic growth efforts.

Fighting Climate Change

Climate change is real and it is happening now. If we continue to ignore it, the current climate crisis will worsen. The reality is that we’re looking at hotter temperatures, rising sea levels, stronger and longer droughts, more severe storms, poorer air quality, increased outbreaks of disease, and more. While many of us may know that the earth is getting hotter, most of do not understand the causes or the impact of climate change. There are regular causes that add to change in the atmosphere, yet mechanical practices are behind the current accelerated speed in global warming. Our constant population growth demands have prompted deforestation, consuming petroleum products, and intensive farming. These activities all produce greenhouses gases in our atmosphere. Greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun instead of radiating it back to space. I will continue to work with federal and state officials to reduce greenhouse gases and fight to pass laws that will foster a sustainable future for all of us.